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    I hope that the patterns, how to books( Instructions for beginners & advanced) books ( novels, mysteries, children’s books) that are found on this site will add to your enjoyment of knitting & crochet.

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    Why choose us because I have been knitting most of my life. I enjoy knitting. I don’t crochet ,but I do have crochet patterns.


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Welcome to a place where your need for knitting supplies can be met! We understand the importance of finding that perfect stretch of yarn, the right needles, and maybe even a little inspiration for something you are about to make. Hopefully, you will be able to find everything that you need right here– we are doing everything we can to make sure that your knitting endeavors are fulfilling and fruitful! It is our goal to make sure that the lovely craft of knitting stays alive and well in the hearts of people who are experts, beginners, and those thinking about picking up the needles for the very first time. All are welcome, and we hope that you can find everything you need right here.

There is a special satisfaction that exists when you create something on your own. For the owner, Sharon, this moment of joy comes from knitting. When she was younger, her mother had a knitting supplies shop in their home, and young Sharon often found herself knitting alongside her mother. This means that Sharon has been knitting for the vast majority of her life, and her expertise and love for this craft is nearly unparalleled. She cares deeply for those around her, especially her grandchildren, and knitting is something that she believes allows you to show love to those in your life who you cherish the most.

Knitting can be a benefit to you, and those around you in so many different ways. It was mentioned only moments ago that knitting can bring you joy. Creating something with your own hands is great, but think of the benefit that it also is to those around you. Making someone a gift with your hands will make that gift more personal and meaningful. Knitting something for a loved one will let them know that you appreciate them with something more than money: your time and patience. Remind them of how important they are to you by creating a knitted gift on your own—make it something personal for them.

Our supplies are plentiful, and they should make it easy to create anything that you can come up with. We understand that there is more to knitting these days than just scarves and caps. Knitting has become such a popular activity that magazines and books are constantly coming out which show people all the different things they can make with just a bit of yarn and some needles. Our selection of knitting supplies reflects this, and it is our goal to supply everything that an avid knitter might need. We all know what it is like to search far and wide for a color or design that is in your head, only to come up short at every turn. Knitters should all be happy with amount of things that can be created now, and we are definitely trying to help the craft grow as well!

We hope that you find the knitting supplies that you are looking for, and if you can’t find what you need, then feel free to ask. This site is here to help those who love knitting, so it is our goal to do everything that we can to help our fellow knitters! The craft of knitting is alive and well, and nothing makes us happier! We are just trying to do our part by helping the community come together. Enjoy the site, and hopefully you will find everything that you need to create those beautiful crafts and pieces for those you love. We hope that you stay for a while, and then you come back soon when your knitting supplies need to be replenished!

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